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If you’re tired of playing small, tired of letting fear hold you back and you’re finally ready to up level your entire life then you’re in the right place, lets see how I can help you.

Pushing towards becoming your own boss can be hard and there are definitely a few lessons to be learned along the way, come hang out with me and my fellow female ceo’s! This community is a place to learn, vent, and network with other women just like you.

Personal development is so major when it comes to getting to your next level, here is a hub that i’m building for all your business and mindset mastery needs!


Meet Risha

I’m Risha, a 25 year old insurance agent turned entrepreneur. I started my journey almost four years ago and now I want to use my lessons and experiences to help other women through the process.


There is absolutely nothing you can’t make happen with a little strategy and a lot of mindset mastery

— Risha latreece